Machine, product, and process design built on decades of experience. Our automation rapid design team is here to meet your most aggressive time-to-market deadlines.

Designing Machines, Products, and Processes for Over 50 Years

Sterling has been has been designing high-speed packaging and customized equipment since 1969. Clear definition of your expected outcomes, determination of appropriate technologies, process optimization, and efficient delivery based on your schedule and cost constraints set Sterling apart. By developing these solutions in SolidWorks, our clients and their suppliers can better visualize the proposed solutions, which helps to accelerate their time to market.

Sterling always determines if they have the expertise, skills, and capability to solve the problem first, before they commit to capacity or schedule. This approach ensures clarity with regards to what needs to be done and why, which saves us time during the project. This allows us to think of Sterling as a partner, rather than a supplier.
Kevin F.
Director of Engineering


Sterling Can Provide:

R&D Concept Development

  • Brainstorming / ideation / concept analysis
  • Develop concept 3D CAD solid models
  • Proof of concept / prototyping / pilot lines
  • Develop prototypes and proofs of concept

Preliminary Engineering & Feasibility Assessment

  • Application Engineering & quoting support
  • Concept Solid modeling
  • Engineering Analysis (kinematic, timing studies/diagrams, stress/deflection)
  • Preliminary cost budgets
  • Turnkey design engineering and engineering documentation

Machine Design Support

  • Fabrication and assembly support
  • Installation support
  • Validation support
  • Continuous improvement support
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