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An engineering partner with global reach

A project engineering services company that will manage the ebbs and flows of your project load in Strategy, Design, Process, Packaging, Validation, and Documentation across Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Operations.
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Sterling's Capabilities and the Sterling Advantage

Outsourced Engineering Services and Professional Solutions

Your resource demands may vary, but your need for dedicated, skilled technical resources with specific industry expertise remains the same. In some cases, we engage under a Statement of Work and offer turnkey solutions, and in others we assign the subject matter experts for whatever duration to augment or compliment your existing project team. While our delivery model is flexible to meet our client’s needs, what remains consistent is that we deliver the expertise required to deliver successful outcomes.

Sterling Engineering Services

Take your projects from planning to reality.
Every project has a range of challenges that need to be met. If your organization seeks expertise to identify and implement these solutions, you’re looking for Sterling Engineering. With decades of experience and a wide range of knowledge, we analyze problems and design solutions.

Sterling Professional Services

Contingent workforce, team expansion, and succession planning.
Sterling can help you with short term, long term, or permanent resources by matching the right people to your project or hiring need. These resources can be managed by our leadership team or under your direction and control based on specific requirements.
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