Project Management

Does your workload exceed your workforce? With our project management, including assessments and analysis, we are here to close that gap.

Project Management to Execute Your Workload

Adding more resources to a project doesn’t always translate into finishing it faster. Sometimes it only consumes your budget faster. Adding one of our seasoned project managers to optimize existing talent and guide your project through completion can often result in a more effective outcome.

Sterling is probably the most sophisticated engineering services company I have worked with. They have lots of process in place, lots of revision control, but it’s more than that—they keep everything lined up. They do a good job of project management. I generally use them for something large that tends to be complicated.
VP of Operations
Ultrasonic and Imaging Manufacturer


Sterling Can Provide:

Project Inception

  • Defining expected outcomes for performance, cost, and budget
  • Identify project risks
  • Develop preliminary project plan & order of magnitude budget
  • Feasibility assessment

Project Planning

  • Risk and mitigation plan
  • Develop detailed project with full work breakdown structure
  • Identify resources and develop schedule
  • Refine preliminary cost budgets

Project Management

  • Manage project plan, WBS, tasks
  • Manage schedule and budgets
  • Coordinate all project resources and suppliers
  • Liaison with vendors, suppliers, and management team
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