Case Study

Machine Design Case Study – Medical Injection Device

The Challenge – Machine Design

Client: Machine automation manufacturer
Objective: Design an automated assembly system

A leading manufacturer of machine automation contracted Sterling Engineering to design an automated system for the assembly of a medical injection device. This project arose during an ongoing partnership with the client as their engineering design support provider. The client was undergoing a period of peak design, and they required additional resources to complete the project within strict deadlines. The client did not have enough additional seats of licensed design software to provide potential temporary staff.

The Sterling Engineering Solution

Sterling Engineering was already familiar with the client’s process and standards because we already had an ongoing relationship with them. This enabled Sterling Engineering to begin immediately on new designs based on the client’s concepts. The client would send us their concepts, and we designed and detailed the individual stations of the machine, which the client would, in turn, manufacture and integrate. The fully functioning machine was then installed, according to schedule, and production began on the end product.

Machine Design Project Results

  • Sterling Engineering’s team was able to fill in where the client lacked the resources to facilitate the completion of the project. Working together with the client, a complete medical injection assembly system was produced from concept to completion, and production of the device began on schedule.

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