Construction Engineering Services


Technical Support for the Agriculture, Construction, Locomotive, Mining, and Off-Road Vehicle Industries

Sterling is proud to have been part of each generation of cutting edge innovation for the past several decades—and we’ve learned a lot. Our construction expertise has an led to an extensive history of developing weather-resistant and safe products for major OEMs. After deployment, we are here to support you, ensure safety, and reduce downtime with automated AI maintenance solutions.

From extending the marketing life on legacy products, improving with design enhancements, to retrofitting to ensure regulatory compliance, you can count on Sterling’s team for proven, reliable support.

Project Types

  • Automated and robotic assembly modules
  • Automated test fixtures and modules
  • Chassis and drive components
  • Combustion engine, enclosure, and cab design
  • Power transmission and take off
  • Suspension
  • Weld, fabrication, and assembly fixtures

Services/Technical Support

  • Research and development, brainstorming, concept analysis
  • Engineering analysis (force analysis)
  • Turnkey design engineering and engineering documentation
  • Fabrication and assembly support
  • Validation & installation support
  • Root cause analysis and continuous improvement redesign
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