Energy and Utilities Design and Engineering Services


Specialized design and engineering support for the energy and utilities industry.

The energy and utilities industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Because of this, the industry needs to invest in developing a pipeline of talented engineers and create an environment that attracts and retains them. This challenge can be a difficult goal to achieve. The energy and utilities industry faces several engineering resource challenges, some of which include:

  • Aging Workforce: The industry needs more skilled engineers due to an aging workforce. Many experienced engineers are retiring, and there are not enough new engineers to replace them.
  • Evolving Technologies: With the rapid pace of technological change, the energy and utilities industry must keep up with new technologies such as renewable energy, smart grids, and energy storage. These advancements require engineers to stay up to date with the latest technology and be able to integrate it into the existing infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity: The energy and utilities industry is a prime target for cyber-attacks. Engineers need the skills to design and implement secure systems to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Because of heavy regulation, engineers must know the rules and standards that apply to their work. Compliance can be challenging as regulations constantly change, and engineers must stay current with the latest requirements.
  • Talent Retention: The energy and utilities industry faces stiff competition for engineering talent from other sectors, such as tech and finance. Companies must create a compelling work environment and provide opportunities for career development to retain top talent.

Sterling Engineering is a certified woman-owned business with a dedicated team of experienced, multi-disciplined project managers, engineers, and designers led by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE). Because we have decades of experience working on complex, highly technical projects across various clients, we have streamlined our processes and best practices- saving you time and money.


Sterling Engineering partners with energy and utility firms…

  • by providing accessibility to an internal team of industry experts without the internal costs of onboarding – accelerating the time to market, and shortening the learning curve for complex needs.
  • by limiting project risk with our extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements.
  • by providing oversight on your critical projects.
  • by offering a senior leadership team that understands first-hand the energy and utility sector with direct experience working for companies like yours.

Specialized Skill Sets for the Energy and Utility Industry

  • Civil Engineer
  • Corrosion Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Design Technician
  • Designer
  • Drafter
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Field Technician
  • GIS Technician
  • Permitting
  • Planner
  • Pole Inspector
  • Project Controls
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Resident Engineer
  • Safety Manager
  • Structural Engineer
  • Substation Engineer
  • Surveyor

Energy and Utility Solutions

  • Experts in AutoCAD/MicroStation CAD Software
  • Civil Design
  • Substation Physical
  • Protection & Control Applications
  • LNG Facilities Design
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